yogatelier and Mentor program Level 1 – 2

For advanced Iyengar yoga practitioners at Yogaschool Amsterdam 2023 – 2024

In Yogaschool Amsterdam there is room for the advanced Iyengar yoga practitioner as well as certified Iyengar yoga teachers (CIYT). In the regular class schedule, you find one Advanced class per week. We also offer space for your personal practice on Thursday mornings. Do you want more? There is!

Maybe ‘YogAtelier | Mentor program Level 1 – 2’ is something for you. It is for people who want to become a teacher or are already a CIYT teacher and want to take the next step (Level 2 syllabus). But also when you want to do more Iyengar yoga and aren’t interested in teaching at all. People who participate in the Mentor program are given priority, but it’s possible to follow individual days. Kristien can become your mentor if you have taken Iyengar yoga classes for three years. Such a mentorship can begin at any time during the year. Talk to Kristien if you consider joining. All information can be found below.

Also inform yourself about the In-depth course in Utrecht where Hiske van der Meulen, Kerry Reinking, Nanda Peek and Kristien each teach for four days.

The ten teaching days of the Mentor program alternate between Amsterdam and Antwerp. Two weekends are also planned, one at the end of the Christmas holidays in Antwerp, and the other with the Pentecost days in Amsterdam.

Are you interested? View the dates and times below.

Could I join:

You can already participate if you have followed regular Iyengar yoga classes for at least two years and can practice independently.

Learning process:

In Yogaschool Amsterdam we create an atmosphere where everyone can learn from and with each other. Whether you want to be trained as a teacher, are certified or never want to become a teacher, you are always an Iyengar yoga practitioner.


Asana/ Pranayama at the beginning of the day, find the Level 1 and 2 syllabi on pages 35 to 39 here. The Anatomy and Philosophy are put into practice, maybe you get the spirit and dive into the books at home.

In the Teaching Laboratory after the break, you will teach or follow lessons under the supervision of Kristien. In a casual atmosphere, Kristien shares stories, you learn from – and laugh at examples from her long experience. (Kristien is a Level 3 teacher since 2012)

Learning process:

The basis of teaching lies in understanding your own practice. It is always referred to as we study the steps from basic to complex throughout the syllabi. We’re talking about making series and about how you present yourself as a teacher, how you use the space and the props.


You also learn to work with common injuries or illness. Learning and studying – and talking about philosophical texts makes you stand firm in your own shoes.

In principle, the Mentor program in which you prepare for the Level 1 teachers-exam lasts three years.

possible InvestMENT 1 YEAR Mentor program

At Yogaschool Amsterdam

averagely 100 classes€1000,-
10x 5u: YogAtelier | Mentor program €500,-
4x private lessons & evaluation (can be shared)€200,-

Beyond Yogaschool Amsterdam

Subscription IYVN€35,-
In-dept course*€960,-

*Highly recommended if you are training to become a teacher

Dates Mentor program ’23 – ’24

Lesson times:

Sundays:                                             12:30 – 15:30 and 16:00 – 18:00

The weekends:           First day:        11:00 – 14:00 and 15:00 – 17:00

Second day:           09:30 – 12:30 and 13:30 – 15:30


October 1       

October 29     

November 26 

January 6 + 7 – ANTWERP

February 4 – ANTWERP

March 10 – ANTWERP    

April 7 – ANTWERP

May 19 – 20 = Pentecost Sunday and Monday – AMSTERDAM