About us

Kristien, owner Yogaschool

“I like to imagine a world where everyone can be themselves in connection.”

Letting go in connection

I believe in the ability to ‘let go in connection’. As contradictory as that may sound. I mean by that everyone has their own way in life. And that you can only walk your own path if you have the confidence that if you fall, you fall safely and you can always get back up. As we all learn to let go of events, thoughts, and others, we develop a collective self-confidence that we can all fall back on. I develop that ability with yoga and I would like to pass it on to you.

Regardless of your role

Moreover, I believe that you are simultaneously each other’s teacher and each other’s student in life. That you can only rise above yourself with that equivalence. By trial and error, regardless of your role or what other pattern you may be stuck in. That’s how we are at Yogaschool Amsterdam. And so you as a student not only learn from us, but we also learn from you.


as a school

As a student you come to us to learn things. And to unlearn if necessary. Not only with your head and your heart, but above all with a lot of fun, perseverance, leniency, study, reflection and a good portion of patience. With us you will receive tools that will help you discover what you need to feel stronger. Stronger inside and outside the yoga school, because yoga doesn’t stop when you get off the mat. This is how you learn to trust yourself unconditionally. And do you experience, for example, that you can do much more than you sometimes think in your daily life. But also that you have more energy and resilience in the face of personal setbacks or when you want to support others.


WHY Yogaschool Amsterdam

  • certifierd yoga teachers
  • since 1999
  • yoga mats and props available
  • floor heating, 60m² studio
  • gericht op herstel van je energieniveau
  • practice time 2x a week
  • 20 years yoga-experience average per teacher
  • centrally in Amsterdam West, near the Vondelpark
  • lots of personal attention
  • 7 days p/w group and private lessons Iyengar yoga
  • also for teachers in training for certification
  • special help with disabilities
  • workshops and guest teachers