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Certified Yoga for students and teachers



Our group lessons run at least 75 minutes long.
These prices apply to lessons in the school as well as to  Streamed lessons at home.
Student or City pass (stadspas) holder? Show your pass and receive a 10% discount on our class cards.

Can’t pay but bathing in spare time? Contact us. There is plenty of work to be done in the school.

Your subscription starts on the date of your first lesson, not the date of purchase.

Maximum flexibility
1 class
€ 18,00
Flexible and advantageous
10 classes in 3 months (20% discount)
€ 135,00

40 classes in 1 year 
€ 450,00

Best fixed price
3 months unlimited classes*
€ 299,00

*untill 1/1/’22

All our prices are inclusive VAT


The color indicates which lesson or subscription suits best to the goal of that class.

Getting started
1 private lesson
€ 75,00

5 private lesson subscription valid for 3 months
€ 325,00

Level 3
Single class (3hrs): € 30

9 classes: € 250

Mentor Program
single Sunday (6 hrs): € 55

9 Sundays: € 450

5 x yoga-therapy in 6 weeks
€ 150,00
1 Self Practice session
€ 4,00

10 Self Practice sessions in 3 months
€ 30,00

All our prices are inclusive VAT

Get to know Iyengar yoga!

Are you new to Yogaschool Amsterdam? Or is Iyengar yoga new for you? Come for a class and have a taste of what Iyengar yoga can mean for you. And feel how enriching it is to learn more about yourself through Iyengar yoga, on your own but also supported by the like-minded practitioners.

Get to know Iyengar yoga in a course of two Saturday afternoons on September 18/25. Teacher Monique gives you the right basis to continue in our school, as well as online.
Working safely and firmly on your health, peace of mind, preventive for injuries and illness.

Join us, for only €18 you can do two lessons in eight days. You can also buy a 4 lesson card, or for € 130 an unlimited lesson on your Level subscription. So you can try the Level 1 or All Levels lessons that are in the weekly schedule!

Certificates Yogaschool Amsterdam

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