Certified Yoga for students and teachers



Our group lessons run at least one hour and thirty minutes long.
Are you a student or the holder of an Amsterdam city pass (stadspas)? Then you are eligible for a 10% discount on all subscriptions.

Your subscription starts on the date of your first lesson, not the date of purchase.

Maximum flexibility
Price per class
1 group class
€ 17,00
Flexible and advantageous
Price per subscription
10 class subscription valid for 3 months (20% discount)
€ 135,00

3 month unlimited class subscription
€ 280,00

Best fixed price
Price per year
1 class per week (35% discount)*
€ 560,00

1 year unlimited class subscription*
€ 910,00

*Includes free admission to general exercise sessions and a 10% discount on tickets for special lessons and workshops.

All our prices are inclusive VAT


The color indicates which lesson or subscription is best suited to the goal of that class.

Getting started
1 private lesson
€ 75,00

5 private lesson subscription valid for 3 months
€ 325,00

1 class on-going teacher training
€ 20,00

10 classes on-going teacher training valid for 1 year
€ 180,00

1 intake session for therapy classes (semi-private, 30 minutes
€ 20,00

5 classes therapy training valid for 6 weeks
€ 160,00

1 general practice session
€ 3,00

12 classes general practice sessions valid for 3 months
€ 29,00

All our prices are inclusive VAT

Trial subscription Yogaschool Amsterdam

Are you new to the Yogaschool Amsterdam? Or is Iyengar Yoga new for you? You can have a taste of what Iyengar Yoga is. And feel how enriching it is to learn more about yourself through Iyengar Yoga, on your own but also supported by the like-minded practitioners of our school. With a trial subscription, you can attend an unlimited number of group classes one month long for only € 59.00. After that month, your body will be more flexible and your trial subscription will end. Automatically. So make sure you sign up in time for a regular subscription so that you will never miss another lesson again.


Certificates Yogaschool Amsterdam

Yoga Certificaat – Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute
Yoga Certificaat – Yoga Unie
Yoga Certificaat – Codarts Rotterdam
Yoga Certificaat – Laban Bartenleff Institute