Yogaschool Amsterdam – the user of these conditions.

Student/pupil/yogi – participant in a yoga class, workshop or course provided by Yogaschool Amsterdam.

Newsletter – periodic writing, sent by email.


These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements in which Yogaschool Amsterdam acts as a contractor.

Deviations from and additions to concluded agreements or these general terms and conditions are only valid if they have been confirmed in writing by Yogaschool Amsterdam.

Participation in the lessons, workshops or courses means agreeing to these general terms and conditions. You also accept the risk of possible injury or injury. Yoga School Amsterdam provides the following guidelines to limit the risk of injury:

  • Always consult your doctor before starting a yoga class if you are not sure whether you are completely healthy or if you are pregnant
    • If you have an injury or other physical complaint, always inform the teacher before you start a lesson, course, or workshop
    • Ask questions if you are unsure how to perform an exercise
    • Participation in the classes, workshops/YogAteliers is entirely at your own risk
    • Yogaschool Amsterdam cannot be held liable in any way for injuries sustained
    • Yogaschool Amsterdam reserves the right to refuse participation in classes if it has valid reasons for this
    • Yogaschool Amsterdam is not liable for damage, loss, or theft of student property


Yogaschool Amsterdam reserves the right to change the lesson prices and conditions. Such a change never has retroactive effect. Changes will be communicated in the newsletter. The current price list and lesson conditions can be found on the website

If the student, without written permission from Yogaschool Amsterdam, acts contrary to these conditions, Yogaschool Amsterdam is entitled to outsource its claim for collection. All resulting costs, including administration costs as well as (extra)judicial costs, which amount to at least 15% of the amount due with a minimum of € 50, will be borne by the student.


The student registers by completing the online registration form in our booking system called Momoyoga, creating a personal account and paying the tuition fee.


The current schedule is on the website The lessons are given in the classroom, online or hybrid. We divide our lessons into levels: Beginners, General, Advanced. There are also special lessons. Progression to Advanced classes as well as access to Prop Up, Yoga Therapy and Private lessons is only possible after consultation with Kristien Van Reusel, Yoga School Amsterdam. Any changes will, as far as possible, be announced in advance in Momoyoga and/or by e-mail.


Are announced in the newsletter and via other channels such as the website of the Iyengar Yoga Association Netherlands, as well as in the current schedule. Stricter cancellation conditions apply here (see ‘Cancellation from the lesson’). These differ per event and can be found in Momoyoga.


Reservations for private and therapeutic yoga classes can be made by email or telephone. Cancellation must be done in Momoyoga and can be done free of charge up to 24 hours before the agreed time. If you do not cancel in time, you will be charged for the lesson.


The learning year lasts at least 46 weeks. Longer holiday periods take place at Christmas and in the summer and will be announced in a timely manner in the newsletter. During the school holidays in the Northern Netherlands region, the number of lessons in the regular schedule can be reduced. There are no lessons on official holidays and memorial days.


The tuition fee can be paid by iDeal or by transfer to the account of Iyengar Yogaschool Amsterdam, IBAN number NL23 TRIO 0786723459. Payment must be received before the start of the lesson. The student is responsible for timely and full payment of all tuition fees due.

An e-mail notification of payments due to Yogaschool Amsterdam serves only as a reminder. The amount due must be paid in full. A 10% discount is only applied if the student presents a valid city pass or student card.

Yogaschool Amsterdam has the right to refuse a student access to the class if the student has not made the payment. Such a refusal does not release the student from the obligation to pay tuition.


If an error was made when selecting the correct lesson card and therefore an incorrect amount was paid, Yogaschool Amsterdam can correct the error. The administration costs are for the student of 10% of the amount to be refunded.


Click on the desired class on the class schedule page of our website, this will lead to the ‘Momoyoga’ booking system. Create an account. Select a lesson card and pay. The lesson can be booked with this ticket.


The lesson takes place with at least three participants in the room or in the hybrid lesson.

The maximum number of participants in the room is twelve. For some special lessons that require a lot of space, this number is reduced to ten.

In the hybrid lessons (online and offline at the same time), a maximum of five people can participate online, so that the teacher can also see these students and assist/correct them where necessary.

If four hours before the start of a class in the evening – and twelve hours before the start of a class in the morning – it turns out that not enough students have registered for the class, Yogaschool Amsterdam will automatically send an email informing you that the class is coming. to expire.


Can be done at any time, but there is no charge if you cancel four hours prior to a lesson. So, if the class starts at 6:00 PM, you must cancel before 2:00 PM. It is highly desirable to unsubscribe if the student does not attend class as there is a waitlist function in our booking system.


The waiting list function in our booking system works as follows: the student is automatically booked into the class when a place becomes available and will be notified by email. This can be done up to four hours before the start of the lesson. We assume that once on the waiting list, the student will come to class if a seat becomes available. Here too, bookings can be canceled free of charge up to four hours prior to the lesson.


Yogaschool Amsterdam strongly recommends taking classes once a week.

The duration of the lesson cards is: 1 lesson in 8 days, 4 lessons in 2 months, 10 lessons in 4 months, 20 lessons in 6 months and 40 lessons in 1 year.

If the 1, 4, 10, 20 or 40 lesson card is not fully used, the lessons will be canceled, and no refund can be made. The term of the lesson cards cannot be extended.

If a student is unable to attend a class in a week, that class can be made up in another week of the same period by taking two classes in one week.

If a student reports sick for more than two weeks during the term of the lesson card and presents a letter from the doctor, it can be agreed to extend the expiry date of a lesson card for part of the time that s/he was absent.

When purchasing a lesson card, the student considers the two holiday closures in the school as well as his own holidays.

If the holiday closure is longer than two weeks, the term of the 1, 4 and 10 lesson cards will be extended by the number of weeks of the closure minus two.


A student who wishes to cancel her/his lessons before the expiry date of the lesson card can nominate someone to take the remaining part of the lessons. This is only possible with prior notification by e-mail and approval by Yogaschool Amsterdam.


Yogaschool Amsterdam reserves the right to cancel a planned lesson or to replace the teacher mentioned in the class schedule in the event of illness or force majeure of the teachers. If the yoga classes are canceled for more than 1 week, the class card will be made valid for a longer period, the same number of weeks as the school was closed.


Participation in the lessons is at the student’s risk. Every student is obliged to report physical injuries to the teacher before the start of the lesson.

Neither the employees nor the Yogaschool Amsterdam company is liable for damage and/or injury resulting from taking yoga classes at Yogaschool Amsterdam, except in the case of gross negligence on the part of employees of Yogaschool Amsterdam.


When formulating the guidelines, which can be found in the Internal Regulations of the Iyengar Yoga Association Netherlands, the unique position of

Iyengar yoga teachers. Their position is unique, because the Yamas and Niyamas, at the request of our teacher B.K.S. Iyengar (deceased in 2014), in accordance with the applicable legislation and the social climate in the Netherlands, have been brought together in a collection of ethical guidelines that is reasonable, but which also sets high standards with regard to the individual, social and professional behavior of all teachers who are affiliated with the Iyengar Yoga Association Netherlands (IYVN). Find everything on page 26 in the IYVN HHR.


Yogaschool Amsterdam collects personal data from students to maintain its membership base, send the newsletter and carry out payment orders. The student is responsible for reporting changes to personal data. Yogaschool Amsterdam handles this information with care and will never pass it on to third parties without prior written permission.


Registration of personal data

We register personal data of the people who take lessons at Yogaschool Amsterdam. Two systems are used for this:

1. Momoyoga (

Yogaschool Amsterdam registers the following personal data here:

• First and last name (always registered)

• Email address (always registered)

• Date of birth (optional)

• Gender (optional)

• Phone number (optional)

• Bank details when paying via bank transfer

• Health (is necessary for proper treatment of the student)

This data is used to administer subscriptions and payments. A processing agreement has been entered into with Momoyoga.

2. MailChimp (

Yogaschool Amsterdam registers the following personal data here:

•          First and last name

•          E-mail address

This data is used to send newsletters by e-mail. A processing agreement has been entered into with MailChimp.

One year after a student’s right to take classes at Yogaschool Amsterdam has expired, that person’s data will be deleted from Momoyoga.

In MailChimp, data is stored and used until the data subject unsubscribes via the “unsubscribe from this list” option provided with each email.

The Yogaschool Amsterdam website does not use cookies.

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