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Start of the study agreement

The study agreement begins upon student registration by completing the online registration form and paying the tuition due.


Lessons can be taught in the room, online, or hybrid. The study year is 46 weeks long. That’s 52 weeks minus two weeks of Christmas and four weeks of summer vacation. During the other school holidays applicable in the area Noord Nederland, the number of classes in the regular schedule will be reduced. There will be no classes on national holidays. The current class schedule can be found on the website Any changes to the schedule will, to the extent possible, be announced in advance in Momoyoga and/or by e-mail. Advancement to Level 3 classes as well as admission to the Therapy class is only permitted in consultation with Kristien Van Reusel.


Tuition can be paid in cash, by PIN, or via bank transfer to the account of Iyengar Yogaschool Amsterdam, IBAN number NL23 TRIO 0786723459. Payment must be received prior to the commencement of the class. The student is responsible for the timely and full payment of all tuition due.

The email notice of payments due to Yogaschool Amsterdam is a reminder. The amount due must be paid in full. A 10% discount for students or the holders of a valid stadspas will only be applied upon verification.

Yogaschool Amsterdam has the right to refuse a student admission to class if that student has failed to remit payment. Such refusal does not relieve the student from the obligation to pay tuition.

Making up missed classes

If a student is unable to take a class in a certain week, that lesson can be made up in another week during that same term by taking two classes in one week.

For students with an unlimited subscription, this arrangement for making up missed classes does not apply.

No tuition will be refunded. If a student provides advance notice of an absence of more than three weeks or calls in ill, an agreement can be reached to extend the expiration date of a subscription for part of the time during which someone was absent.

If a 4-10-20-40 or 100 classes card is not fully used, the unused strips can be added to the new card if these two are immediately consecutive.

Student replacement

A student who wants to stop his lessons in the meantime can nominate someone who follows the remaining part of the lessons. This is only possible with prior notification and approval by Kristien Van Reusel.

Class cancellation by Yogaschool Amsterdam

Yogaschool Amsterdam reserves the right to cancel a scheduled class in the event of illness or force majeure among the teachers or to change the teacher mentioned on the class schedule. If the yoga classes are canceled for more than 1 week, the limited class card can be made valid for longer, as many weeks as the school was closed.

The lesson continues with at least three participants.

If it turns out two hours before the start of the class that less than three people have registered for the class, Yogaschool Amsterdam will send an automatic e-mail with the notification that the lesson is canceled. The student ensures that the e-mail address of Yogaschool Amsterdam is in the address book of his/her e-mail program so that e-mails arrive properly.


Class participation is at the risk of the student. Neither the employees nor the company Yogaschool Amsterdam is liable for damage and/or injury that results from the following yoga classes at Yogaschool Amsterdam, other than in the case of gross negligence on the part of Yogaschool Amsterdam employees. Each student is required to report any physical injuries to the teacher prior to the start of any class.

Personal data

Yogaschool Amsterdam collects personal data from students to maintain its membership file, send the newsletter, and to carry out payment orders. The student is responsible for passing on changes in personal data. Yogaschool Amsterdam handles this information with care and will never pass it on to third parties without prior written permission.

Changes to prices / general terms

Yogaschool Amsterdam reserves the right to change the class prices and terms. Any such change will never have a retroactive effect. Changes will be communicated by email. The current price list and class terms are available on the website

If the student, subject to written approval from Yogaschool Amsterdam, acts contrary to these conditions, Yogaschool Amsterdam is entitled to hand over its claim for collection. All ensuing costs, including administration costs as well as (extra)judicial costs, which amount to at least 15% of the monies owed with a minimum of €50, are for the account of the student.

Yogaschool Amsterdam – Kanaalstraat 190 – 1054 XS Amsterdam –

Bank number NL23TRIO 0786723459 – Chamber of Commerce number 66608244