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Yogaschool Amsterdam

Level 1

What: Our Level 1 yoga classes are all about ‘doing doing doing’. Under the guidance of certified yoga teachers, you will learn to perform the basic postures in a safe manner. You will learn and practice standing postures and you will be introduced to props and cyclical learning. Cyclical learning means that you repeatedly do the same exercises, each time lit from a different angle.

For whom: Our Level 1 yoga classes are intended for anyone who is starting with (Iyengar) yoga and for anyone with yoga experience who needs to master the basic exercises even better. You become more stable and gain stamina. For everyone, whether you are young or old, flexible or rigid, fit or not. Working with a fever will delay your recovery, so stay home and stay out sick.

When: Tuesday 7 pm; Saturday 11 a.m

Lesson duration: 75 minutes per lesson 

How often: For the desired result, we recommend choosing a fixed time in the week and doing it every week. 

Result: Students often experience these yoga classes as a refreshing change in their working week. You go back to the essence of yoga. As a result, you will feel better about yourself through more stability and flexibility in your body.

Yogaschool Amsterdam

All Levels

What: In our All Levels classes we work with basic postures, but we also teach advanced asanas. This is where the typical skills of a certified Iyengar yoga teacher come into play. Our teachers don’t mind multitasking and can provide alternatives if you’re not ready for the advanced asanas yet.

Who it’s for: Our All Levels classes are for everyone except pure beginners. So do you already have yoga experience but haven’t done Iyengar yoga yet? Then preferably enter via the Level 1 lesson and then discuss with the teacher which lesson would be suitable. Can’t make it to a Level 1 class? Perhaps such an Introduction lesson on Saturday is something for you and in consultation with the teacher, you can participate in the All Levels lessons.

When: Monday 10:00* and 18:30; Wednesday 6:30 PM; Friday 09:30

Lesson duration: 90 minutes and *60 minutes with student teacher

How often: For the desired result, we recommend choosing a fixed time in the week and doing it every week.

Result: Students often experience these yoga classes as a refreshing change in their working week. You go back to the essence of yoga. As a result, you will feel better about yourself through more stability and flexibility in your body.

Yogaschool Amsterdam

All Levels Slower

What: In the “Slower” class you learn in a safe way and under individual guidance from a certified yoga teacher, how certain asanas and props best help you to live with – or recover from illness or injury. You immerse yourself in Iyengar yoga and discover the origin of this yoga teaching that has been specially developed to better deal with physical complaints and recover from them where possible.

For whom: This class is suitable if you have been discharged from our Yoga therapy or if you have followed Iyengar yoga classes for at least six months and you are physically or mentally overtired. This lesson is also suitable if you are pregnant and want to learn how to adjust the asanas to your needs with more attention for your child. Are you sick or seriously injured? Then sign up for Yoga therapy. However, for all our classes, you can only participate if you are fever-free.

When: Tuesday 9:30 am

Lesson duration: 90 minutes

How often: For the best recovery, take this class once a week and practice on the days you don’t have class.

Results: After this class, you will feel more comfortable in your own skin and you will know which adjustments in the asanas are necessary for you and your recovery to benefit optimally, during the classes and when you practice yourself.

Yogaschool Amsterdam

Level 2

What: In our Level 2 yoga classes you learn to see the connection between certain asanas (sequencing) and you further develop your concentration and willpower by staying in an attitude for a while. You get to know groups of asanas better when we treat a different group every week of the month. You have already learned inverted poses in Level 1 classes, such as Halasana (Plow) and Salamba Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand). You may also already know how to approach Salamba Sirsasana (headstand). It is important in these lessons that you realize that you as an individual contribute to your own development and to the development of the group. And with that the success of the lesson. By attending every week, you ensure that the lesson has the desired effect on your own constitution and on the atmosphere in the group that is necessary to continue to develop.

The yoga postures that are covered every week of the month in these yoga classes:

Days 1 to 7: standing poses and twists

Day 8 to 14: forward bends

Days 15 to 21: backbends

22 to the last 7 days: miscellaneous

Last 7 days: inverted and restorative postures and breathing

For whom: Our Level 2 yoga classes are especially for you if you have at least one year of Iyengar yoga experience. Are you unable to participate in class due to serious physical limitations or injuries? Then contact your teacher who will refer you to a suitable lesson.

When: Saturday 9 a.m

Lesson duration: 90 min per lesson

How often: We advise you to take lessons twice a week and to practice at home at least once a week

Result: The result of these yoga classes is that you continue to develop personally together with other people and by simply being there, you contribute to the good energy of the group. You develop and refine your postures so that you experience the deepening of the physical challenge and the mental peace.

Yogaschool Amsterdam

Level 3

What: Our Level 3 yoga classes are Iyengar yoga classes at the highest level. You can independently do Salamba Sirsasana and Salamba Sarvangasana and Urdva Dhanurasana and other strong backbends. You also know the different sitting postures such as Virasana and Padmasana. You feel comfortable in your own practice and practice independently at least twice a week. You read the book “Light on Yoga” or another book by BKS Iyengar or Geeta Iyengar and are familiar with the Sanskrit names of asanas and certain philosophical concepts.

For whom: To be able to follow these classes, you must have followed intensive Iyengar yoga classes for at least 2 years. You can handle the level, you identify blockages, know what to do, and keep challenging yourself in this. Individually and in the group. Are you injured or ill and are you unsure whether you can participate? Then ask us for advice. Do you have a fever? Then our urgent advice is to get under the wool as soon as possible because you cannot participate in any class with a fever.

When: Weekly Wednesday 08:30 AM, monthly Sunday 10:00 AM (see the class schedule, special price)

Lesson duration: Wednesday 105 min, Sundays 3 hours

How often: At this level you do Iyengar yoga every day, because you feel that you really come into your own. You will succeed by regularly following the lessons alternated with independent practice.

Result: If you follow these classes, Iyengar yoga will no longer be a hobby for you, but it will become a lifestyle. If it wasn’t all ready for you. You learn to look inward better and to be open to yourself and to others. You learn to see more and more clearly what is really important to you and what you no longer need and then let it go. You will become more and more interested in yoga philosophy and learn to actively use your yoga knowledge and experience when you need it so that you remain balanced with more peace and space every day.