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Iyengar yoga makes you move in a healthy way. You’ll be energized by the work you do and your cells open up for storing some for later.

Peace of Mind

In our lessons, you’ll work with your body, but also with your head and your heart. With more peace of mind and both feet on the ground.

For everone

Regardless of your age, your flexibility, or your health, you can continue to develop in our yoga school. From newbies to advanced practitioners and teachers.

Yogaschool in Amsterdam Oud West

Yogaschool Amsterdam moved studios five times since its beginning in 1999. This was all within a circle of 3-4 km from Amsterdam Oud-West. The nomadic life is over now, we’ve literally come home, to the Kanaalstraat. On the outside it looks like a private house, inside the space is fully equipped for Iyengar yoga, the only kind of yoga that is taught here.

Start with YOGA?

All beginnings are difficult. A good start makes half the work. They may be clichés, but they are so true. Also for yoga. We believe in a solid foundation that you will enjoy for years to come. Our advice is therefore: to start with the basics and keep working on them. Our Beginners classes are not only suitable if you have never done (Iyengar) yoga before but also if you want to deepen and understand the path to the more difficult postures. These yoga classes are for anyone who wants to make the best of it from the start, with yoga and with themselves.

Our Beginners classes are all about ‘doing doing doing’. Under the guidance of certified yoga teachers, you will learn to perform the basic postures in a safe manner. You will learn and practice standing postures and you will be introduced to props and cyclic learning. Cyclical learning means that you repeatedly do the same exercises, each time lit from a different angle. Working for 75 minutes on Wednesday evening and Saturday morning is an invigorating change in your week. You go back to the essence of yoga: you feel free! Because of more stability and flexibility in your body, you will feel better about yourself. Even when you’re stepping off your mat.

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Yoga is for life. You need some perseverance to start and at the same time you are free to fly it your way. Most people feel the first time it does something for them. And suddenly you’re on track. Taking classes twice a week is best, but once a week and then consistently for a long time can make a huge difference in your life.

Quality over quantity. There are thousands of asanas and of course, you want to get to know them all! Iyengar yoga offers a safe method and a certified Iyengar yoga teacher has a lot of experience. You’re in safe hands. Cyclical learning means that you repeatedly do the same exercises, each time lit from a different angle. For example, Level 1 lessons are never boring and you also see on the way forward that beginner postures are discussed again and again.

During your first year of Iyengar yoga, you follow Beginners classes. In the beginning, taking lessons once a week is fine. If after a while you want lessons twice a week, you are also welcome in the General classes.

The ‘Prop Up’ classes are for you if you are struggling with injuries or illness and are already familiar with Iyengar yoga.

In the second year, you can go to General classes and the Pranayama lessons, but you can also still attend the Beginners lessons. Doubting whether you can follow the Pranayama class? Ask your teacher, (s)he will bring clarity.

The Advanced class is for when you are in your third year of doing Iyengar yoga. And here too, you can always join the General- and Pranayama classes.

For all our classes, you can only participate if you are fever-free. Working with a fever will slow down your recovery, so stay home and stay out sick. And please let us know if you are ill for a long time, maybe we have a hint for you to get through it.

The pandemic has changed a lot in our teaching offering. One thing that is here to stay is the online classes via Zoom. The studio is designed in such a way that a hybrid lesson (off- and online lessons at the same time) works well. We also have a limited number of places online. That’s because the teacher needs to be able to see you clearly and help you with advice.

We believe that the studio is the place where you can learn Iyengar yoga. Our Beginners classes are offline only. If you are an Iyengar yoga practitioner and come from another certified Iyengar yoga teacher, you can participate in the online classes.


More about yoga

With yoga you save energy.
You do this by consciously allowing yourself the time and space for this. That’s what you do with yoga. With yoga, you get moving in a healthy way so that you not only use energy but also get and keep it.

Why yoga, you may ask. While you make dozens of choices every day to give people and situations the attention they deserve. Your work, colleagues, family, friends, and relatives. And yourself? How do you make sure you still have energy left for yourself?

Iyengar Yoga, named after and developed by B. K. S. Iyengar, and described in his bestselling 1966 book Light on Yoga, is a form of yoga as exercise that has an emphasis on detail, precision, and alignment in the performance of yoga postures (asanas).

The style often makes use of props, such as belts, blocks, and blankets, as aids in performing the asanas. The props enable beginning students, the elderly, or those with physical limitations to perform the asanas correctly, minimizing the risk of injury or strain. ( source Wikipedia)

Regardless of your age, your flexibility, or your health, you can continue to develop in our yoga school. Whether you are spiritual or very down to earth, introverted or extroverted, a group person or not. From beginners to advanced and teachers. Everyone comes together in harmony at Yogaschool Amsterdam. It is no coincidence that most pupils come to stay with us.

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