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Experiences with Yogaschool Amsterdam

“It’s been 12 years since I started with Iyengar yoga. Originally out of curiosity but also because I wanted to become more active with my body, given my sedentary office job. The direct impetus was pain in a shoulder muscle that was resolved immediately.

Iyengar yoga allows me to challenge my body, sometimes with extremely intense positions, yet improves my relaxation and concentration. The yoga classes, my motivated fellow students and the extraordinarily inspiring teachers also give me an extra boost for my daily work. Iyengar yoga is a permanent part of my life, whether it’s on the mat, at the tram station or behind my desk.”

Nick Bol, HR advisor
Amsterdam Baarsjes

“At Yogaschool Amsterdam, I’ve learned that Iyengar yoga can always help you go further, despite injuries and mental blocks. A golden rule is ‘never give up, always try’. It’s that attitude, in combination with the use of props, that has helped me recover from a severe case of RSI.
It feels like coming home when my physical limitations and mental desires can harmonize. Limitations and desires that I continue to explore and challenge, step by step. Through physical exertion, I gain new insights and find greater peace.”

Baukje Spaltro, Visual Artist
Amsterdam Kinker neighborhood

“Iyengar yoga has helped me to push my personal boundaries. Despite my fears and insecurities about my reluctant body, every class is a true blessing. Where I continue to overcome new hurdles and learn more. Namaste Kristien and Harriet. Yoga has become an anchor in my life.”

Gerry van Heerde, Manager VUmc
Amsterdam Surinameplein

Peggy de Jonge-Yogaschool-Amsterdam
“Yogaschool Amsterdam has a truly experienced team of teachers who offer plenty of personal attention. As a result, the classes always give me exactly what I need to feel good in my body. Thanks to yoga, I’m a happier person.”

Peggy de Jonge, Legal Counsel
Amsterdam Baarsjes

“What’s really special about this school is the use of props. Not to make the exercises any easier but to make them possible. So you don’t need a super perfect young body.
Even with a major bodily restriction, you can still experience the essence of yoga and feel its energy. The poses are not always easy for me but I can really feel the difference. It’s rejuvenating and that makes me happy.”

Josje Pollmann, Graphic Designer
Amsterdam Vondel neighborhood

“After many years of Hatha Yoga, I accidentally landed in a beginner’s class for the Iyenga Yoga teacher training … A perfect baptism by fire, as it turned out :). It was tough but the form felt so good that I immediately decided to look for an Iyengar yoga school in my neighborhood. A good Iyengar yoga class feels like a massage and a meditation in one: all the muscles get a full work-out, you become more aware of your own body and your thoughts are temporarily placed on hold. Kristien gives expert instruction, with a dose of humor, in a fully equipped and comfortable yoga space. I have little free time but this hour and a half is a must for me.”

Sabine Engelen


Exclusively Certified Yoga TeachersExclusively certified yoga teachers
With An Average Of 20 Years Of Experience Per TeacherWith an average of 20 years of experience per teacher
Centrally Located In Amsterdam West Close To The VondelparkCentrally located in Amsterdam West close to the Vondelpark
Established Since 1999 And Since 2012 At Baarsjesweg 277Established since 1999 and since 2012 at Baarsjesweg 277
150m² Yoga Studio With All Props And Equipment150m² yoga studio with all props and equipment
Also For Teacher TrainingAlso for teacher training
Suitable For Recovery And Physical RestrictionsSuitable for recovery and physical restrictions

Certificates Yogaschool Amsterdam

Yoga Certificaat – Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute
Yoga Certificaat – Yoga Unie
Yoga Certificaat – Codarts Rotterdam
Yoga Certificaat – Laban Bartenleff Institute