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Certified Yoga for students and teachers

This is how we do it, the YA PROTOCOL after the Corona lockdown

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The YA PROTOCOL after the Corona lockdown

First and foremost:

– Don’t even think of going to school with symptoms of illness and/or fever. We try to stream all the lessons from the school for people at home, so if you don’t feel well, stay home and follow the lesson there.

– Book and pay for your lesson in advance via Momoyoga with iDeal or by bank transfer. We avoid cash payments in the school, but for an emergency, there is the pin machine.


What to bring, checklist:

  • 1 Yoga mat.
  • 1 Large towel or pillowcase to put on the props (always put the same side up).
  • 1 Guest towel to dry your feet. We’ll offer ours while supplies last. You only get one if you make a holy promise to always take it to the school.
  • Hot or cold drink.
  • Put on yoga clothes under your regular clothes if possible.

At the front door, in the hall and dressing room:

  • You enter the hall, keep a distance between each other.
  • Shoes and jacket in the usual place, spray-bottle with disinfectant available.
  • If you wear a mask, you can keep it on all the time. It is also a way to use it up to your mat, take the lesson without and use it again to leave.
  • The teacher asks if you have no symptoms or fever. Etcetera.
  • Two people fit in the dressing room; peel off your top layer and store it neatly.
  • Limit toilet visits as much as possible; visiting the toilet is no longer a good reason to sneak away from class when it gets difficult ;-).
  • Washing feet is mandatory before entering the room. Also, dry your hands well with your guest towel and then use the disinfectant liquid.
  • Take your mat, largely dry and wet guest-towel in the yoga room.
  • Drinking bottle, telephone, etc. are not allowed in.

In the yoga room:

  • Props are ready at every dot on the floor that indicates a place.
  • Grab a studio mat as needed and walk forward through the middle where you will join the student who entered for you starting at the stage. Lay the mat with the long side towards the podium.
  • Before and after class brush all props with cloth and spray.
  • Class starts. Lecturer on stage, volunteer student at the front of Shiva who demonstrates for the people at home.
  • During the lesson, the teacher can walk in the middle from front to back in the room to observe and instruct better. Even if you do have to go to the toilet, you walk through the middle to the dressing room and observe hygiene.
  • In principle, the teacher will not touch anyone, but if necessary, it is possible.
  • The people who follow the class via Zoom also get attention from the teacher and will be corrected where necessary. We teachers still have to practice multitasking and ask for your patience. Just like at the beginning of the online lessons we had to get used to it. Interaction can arise between students at home and those in the school.
  • The lesson starts and ends on time. Allow enough time to dress up the entire ritual of brushing and leave in a hurry-slow manner.
  • Do not hang by the door on the footpath, make sure everyone has room to walk on.
  • The summer schedule in the school provides one lesson in the morning or evening, so no hassle at the door with changing the groups.


  • Our toilets, foot washbasin and all contact points for the hands are cleaned regularly.
  • There is mechanical ventilation in the room and in the toilets. During the lesson, we open the window and before and after the lesson we let everything air out.
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