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Certified Yoga for students and teachers

This is how we do it, safe in times of Covid

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The PROTOCOL at Yogaschool Amsterdam

First and foremost:

  • Don’t come to school with symptoms of illness and/or fever. The body does not benefit from exertion.
  • We try to stream all the lessons from the school for people at home, so take the class online if you ‘re feeling well but in quarantine
  • Book and pay for your lesson in advance via Momoyoga with iDeal or by bank transfer. We avoid cash payments in the school but there is the pin machine for emergencies
  • Last but not least: arrive on time, you need at least 10 minutes to get ready for class

What to bring, checklist:

  • Towel for during or after class
  • All props you need for class are in the room
  • Put on yoga clothes under your regular clothes if possible
  • Nose and mouth mask possible but not mandatory

At the front door, in the hallway and changing room:

  • When you enter the hallway, keep your distance
  • Shoes and coat in the hallway/wardrobe, disinfecting gel, tissues and masks available
  • The “changing room” is in the yogaroom; store your clothing in a basket
  • Wash your hands in the toilet or kitchen
  • Drinking bottle, telephone (on silent) etc. NOT to your matl

In the room:

  • The class begins and ends on time
  • Before start time, the teacher walks around to accommodate everyone but when the lesson starts the teacher sits on the mat. Sometimes a voluntary student demonstrates for the people at home
  • The people at home also receive attention and are assisted and corrected where necessary
  • After class please clean hard props and mat with cloth and spray
  • Allow enough time to do the brushing, getting dressed and leaving
  • Please be aware of the narrow hallway, a chat after the class can be in the room or outside the door


  • Our toilet and all contact points for the hands are cleaned on a regular base
  • We ventilate by keeping windows open and airing between two classes
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