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Certified Yoga for students and teachers


Yogaschool Amsterdam and the pandemic

We ‘re open again!

Due to the measures against the Coronavirus, the school was closed during lockdowns. We showed our resilience and started teaching from home via Zoom. But luckily we are now open again! Our schedule contains daily lessons that we stream from the school, so that you can also participate from home. Find it all in our current schedule. There you will see two parallel lessons, one called IN DE ZAAL and one ONLINE. So you sign up for one of the two, so that we do not exceed the maximum number of participants in (9 people). Sign up on the waiting list if it turns out that the class is full. You will be automatically emailed at least two hours in advance if there is still room for you.

Lessons Are now On- and Offline!

If you are coming for the very first time, come to the school for class. If you suffer from injury, we would also like to see you in the school. However knowledgeable the teacher is, the screen is flat, making proper observation and assistance difficult. The school also has all the tools you need.

Of course you will not come to the group class with mild symptoms, but you could consider taking Online class.

If you really don’t feel well and you have a fever, it is better not to do yoga and let the body recover through rest.

We teach in Dutch or English.

Mats and all other aids are available in the hall.

Wear sporty clothes, we work barefoot.

What will you need for an online lesson?

A chair and / or a free piece of wall, a mat, two blocks, a belt and three cotton blankets, or alternatives for these. Be creative with your own furniture.

Use of Zoom

Put your screen horizontal. Start with “Gallery view” and check whether you are clearly visible when you are standing on your mat, with the arms raised or spread. Then go to “Speaker view” so that you can clearly see and hear the teacher while following the lesson.

Have a place in your house where you can practice 2 to 3 meters in front of your smartphone (small!) / Tablet (better) / laptop or computer (best). The WiFi connection must be stable.


The yoga class with Zoom is interactive, which means that the teacher will do the exercise and explain and suggest which props you work best with. Once you do the exercise, the teacher will look at the screen and provide feedback to those who need it. If you do not want to be visible, you can agree that your camera is switched off. Mind you, you will follow the lesson, without enjoying the feedback and the personal contact.

How do you proceed?

Register via the current schedule until at least half an hour before class starts. Click on “Book now” at the lesson you want to follow. Momoyoga automatically leads you to create an account (please use a working email address). You can then pay and complete the booking. You’re now on the class participant list.

Half an hour before class starts you ‘ll receive an e-mail with the link to Zoom. Click that link and enter! You do ‘nt need to install Zoom in advance, it also works on your browser and you will be automatically taken there.

Are you participating an online class for the first time? Please log in fifteen minutes before the start and we will see together how you are visible in your room so that the teacher can give you instructions and feedback. After class there is time to consult with the teacher.


By participating, you affirm that you alone are responsible for your participation, and that you agree to irrevocably waive any claims against Yogaschool Amsterdam.


Exclusively certified yoga teachers
With an average of 20 years of experience per teacher
Centrally located in Amsterdam West close to the Vondelpark
Established since 1999 and since 2012 at Baarsjesweg 277
55m² yoga studio with all props and equipment
Also for teacher training
Suitable for recovery and physical restrictions

Google Reviews Yogaschool Amsterdam

What an incredible yoga school this is! After years of classical ballet, i developed an ‘eye’ for teachers that know what they do when it comes to other people’s bodies and for the ones that ‘fake it till the make it’. The level Of instructors and deep knowledge of yoga and the human body is beyond words. Kerry knows how you will feel when doing a pose before you do it and describes it with these exact words. The approach is personal, you have a name and you get personal attention each and every time. Forget lessons of wanna-be Yoga professionals that attended few courses somewhere And teach yoga lightly. These instructors are the best I have ever met and me doing yoga in yoga school Amsterdam has been a truly life changing experience.I love it all, the anticipation for the session, the session itself and the feeling afterwards. AAA class yoga from the best of the best. Thank you!
Sissy Polymenakou
Sissy Polymenakou
20:09 07 Sep 20
An oasis within busy Amsterdam where to learn and practice yoga safely. Fully corona proof and also offering online lessons. The quality of the teachers is superb.
Johanna Adamson
Johanna Adamson
19:52 06 Sep 20
Since a few years I follow lessons here and I am so often still impressed by the enormous variety in exercises and professionality of the teachers. Every lesson I reach beyond my fysical borders without going too far, which has a wonderfull effect on my body and mind.
Emmie Leenen
Emmie Leenen
08:03 22 Dec 19
I truly enjoyed the hospitality, the flow and the professionalism at Yoga school Amsterdam. After the Iyengar Yoga MASTERCLASS, I experienced an equanimity (~evenwichtigheid~) that lasted for several days. WOW!
Elisabeth Dols
Elisabeth Dols
12:56 03 Dec 19
I highly recommend Yogaschool Amsterdam for a first introduction or for advanced Yoga courses. Every time I come back from a class I feel wonderful: balanced, energetic, happy and focused. Teachers at this school are very knowledgeable with decades of practise, but far from brassy. During the course there is a lot of personal eye for detail to totally get the best out of you from a body-mind perspective. 1st class yoga school! 5 stars. Highly recommended. Namasté.
arjan van straalen
arjan van straalen
08:25 07 Jun 18
What a great lesson last night! Really good sequences. I could literally feel my body opening and extending more and more as the lesson went on. The effect after was wonderful! I felt so happy, relaxed and de-stressed. Thanks Kristien.
Sarah Baron
Sarah Baron
07:48 11 Aug 17
Extremely knowledgable and caring teachers with classes targeted to all levels of experience. A very welcoming, friendly and relaxed environment. Beautiful large and airy studio with the added comfort of underfloor heating and a vast array of props to accommodate all needs. If a hygienic environment is high on your list of priorities then the modern foot bath station will be an added bonus as to the knowledge that all mats are cleaned after each class. I can't recommend this studio highly enough....come try, I'm sure you'll be happy that you came.
Elaine Harfield
Elaine Harfield
13:09 11 Jul 17
So many yoga schools, so little time to decide? Look no further: Yogaschool Amsterdam is one of the best in town (and I have tried a lot!), with highly-qualified and experienced Iyengar yoga teachers offering classes in a bright and spacious studio. Suitable for all levels and all bodies!
Çimen Ekici
Çimen Ekici
07:43 27 Jun 17
Dedicated and inspiring teachers who know what they're doing. A calm and peaceful atmosphere to practice. Love the restorative class on Friday: the very best way to start the weekend.
Karen Kao
Karen Kao
16:29 26 Jun 17
Coming to Amsterdam for one week, Iyengar YogaSchool was a wonderful home-away-from-home for me. The studio space is welcoming, generous and full of light. The teachers were professional and caring. Classes were outstanding in terms of teaching and atmosphere, and yet they felt very natural -- an effortless effort. In addition to the regular classes, I also came to the 'free practice' time, where the studio is generously open for everyone to come and practice according to their needs. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to re-connect to myself, and to enjoy the light that yoga practice brings us. To the more experienced practitioners and to the teachers, I would highly recommend to try it out! I would highly recommend this studio to everyone, beginners and professionals, and will certainly come back to it on my next trip to Amsterdam. Namaste!
Eugenia Birger
Eugenia Birger
09:33 17 Mar 17
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