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Certified Yoga for students and teachers


Certified Iyengar yoga teacher since 2009, now Intermediate Junior I level of teaching

I grew up in Sydney, Australia and live since 2004 in Amsterdam.

Next to yoga I have a family, and I ‘m busy with reading, writing and art.

I bought my first Iyengar yoga book when I was 16 and used to practice in the loungeroom. I’ve practiced yoga with more or less intensity since then.

I like the attention to detail and everything to do with the practice, but most of all, I like the Iyengar community.

What I love about Yogaschool Amsterdam is Kristien, the other teachers and the students. I also think the space itself is very calming with lots of room to move.

Students have said that I give clear and relatively simple instructions. For me, I think the students give me so much more than I give to them, and I am very thankful for their presence. Every lesson is special – the students and I share time to concentrate on the present moment, by bringing our awareness to the body, and, I would like to think, we practice without getting caught up in patterns/habits of judgement of ourselves and of others.

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